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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

September 2020

Norman Tristram - Mentor of the Lodge

KEEPING CONTACT - While we have all been in Lockdown since February, the LOI team have continued to meet ‘face to face’ (virtually) on a regular basis, by using WhatsApp initially and latterly with a new service ZOOM.

With the prospect of not being able to meet in person until the New Year, we will continue with our virtual LOI meetings, and expand these to include social ‘gathering. This will help us maintain contact and support for our Brethren and families. Indeed, our LOI brethren have been busy contacting our members, by telephone, in the spirit of unity and support.

NEWLY APPOINTED ALMONER - Our newly appointed Almoner has also been very busy keeping contact with the brethren to ensure that their welfare is being maintained.

Once the Government had announced people could meet in a contact bubble, one or two brethren have taken advantage of this meeting but keeping social distancing.  

CYCLE RIDE - You may recall the cycle sponsor ride that was completed around Rutland.  

Through the generosity of those who pledged donations, this has raised the amazing sum of £750, with almost all pledges having been honoured already.

The Urn, for Andrew Curl, has been ordered and is expected to be completed (including the etched image of Andy), in November.

All that remains, is for the certificate of approval from the local authority and it will be placed on the grave, as a lasting tribute to our Brother.

WEBSITE - We have received a number of enquiries, via the lodge website, from people wanting to learn more about the St Andrews Lodge. 

We are looking forward to be able to meet with them, when circumstances allow.  

LASTLY, IN REFLECTION - I would like to take this opportunity to mention W. Bro Des Hancock, a valued and much loved brother, friend and Chaplain of St Andrews who passed away shortly after having been re-invested in February.His sage advice to his daughter, if she were ever faced with a problem was, “Just Do It”.

These words of wisdom seem all the more relevant, in these uncertain, and challenges times and, for all of us.  

Have faith and be safe Brethren.

Happy to meet, Happy may we part and Happy to meet again

Norman Tristram - Mentor of the Lodge

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