Rutland Water Charity Cycle Ride - Completed 16th June

Updated: Jun 24

Brethren of St Andrews and Sponsors. This event must have been quite emotional for Ash as although it was to be a fun ride, we did have to remember why we were here.

Our route as shown on the OS Maps App

Cycle Buddies W.Bro Norm Tristram and W.Bro Ash Curl. ready for the off!

Ash and I have completed the cycle ride around Rutland Water on Tuesday 16th June, within the restrictions of Covid19. We could not have ordered better weather for the occasion.

At last all the training for this event finally paid off. We thought riding from Whitwell carpark and heading in an anti-clockwise direction was the easy option. “No”! There is no easy option. My pulse made over 140 bpm most of the way. see image below

Gerry Lawman started both Ash and I on the right path and waited the full 3 hours 15 minutes until our return. The journey took us through what felt like mountain paths, especially on the Peninsula, until the flat dam wall path home. Not exactly how I remembered it when I was a mere 35-year-old all those years ago.

Whilst I thought we were riding towards the Peninsula, Ash informed me that we had already ridden that way, I think at that point a mist must have descended over me. Whilst on the Peninsular we had searched for a Geocache, Ash had remembered from 10 years previous and it was still there, just a minor distraction.

Quite a few cyclists passed us at what can only be said as a blur, especially uphill. I thought they could be using E – Cycles. Ash assured me it was leg powered. The only cyclists we overtook were heading towards us.

We had one or two stops to remove our jackets, the odd sips of water, replace Ash’s chain and take a few photos of the magnificent views. All in all, a super morning for cycling especially for a worthy cause.

And Relax ! 27 Miles of the beautiful Rutland scenery 'enjoyed'

We would both like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the your support, and sponsorship for this worthy cause.

If you could transfer your donation to the account details below using the reference, I would be sincerely very grateful.

If you wish to pay by cheque please contact me on 07768 625 956 or email and I will inform you of the postal address.

Any money donated in excess of the purchase of the Urn will be donated to St Johns Hospice Moggerhanger, a local charity that is very close the hearts of all the Brethren of St Andrews.

Anyone wishing to sponsor even at this late stage please Email:

With thanks in advance W. Bro Norman

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