Tour De Tea Rooms - Danish Camp Tea Rooms

Updated: Mar 4

The Danish Camp Cycle ride is in two parts.

Meeting at the Tea Rooms Car Park, we will cycle anti-clockwise around the gravel workings Once passing olong side the The Great River Ouse. (If you do not wish to cycle to Sandy then twice round may be the order of the day)

The cyclists who wish to cycle to Blunham or Sandy will proceed to those venues and return which is on a narrow gravel cycle path on a disused train track that is fairly flat and taking in some striking countryside.

At Blunham there is a fairly busy road to cross if carrying on to Sandy. Similar on the return journey to finish at the Danish Camp Tea Rooms. (Caution must be observed here at Blunham)

Ash and I will finish on our second tour round the Gravel workings before settling for refreshments. (Flag waving would be appreciated LOL)

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