Tour De Tea Rooms - Paxton Pits Nature Reserve

This tour starts via the through Eynesbury Pocket Park, heading over the footbridge to Eaton Socon.

(Cyclists who wish to join this tour will meet at Pocket Park. Parking spaces behind Tescos close to Pocket Park and the A428 near the river)

This is where we meet the major road to the Eaton Oak Inn on The Great North Road. At the Junction we will turn left to Hail Weston on a cycle path on the footpath on the right hand side.

Once in Hail Weston the tour takes us through the village past the church down the hill towards the Ford over the River Kym. (or over the foot bridge)

Going towards the A1 Little Paxton taking in the sights at one of the highest points of the ride to the flyover the A1(be carful here of traffic)

Once over the flyover over the A1 take a left past the Stores on the pavement to the road that leads to Paxton Pits passing two lakes on the left and on to the Tea Rooms. Intermission.

At this point people just visiting may wish to take in the nature reserve lakes on foot .

From the Nature reserve we head towards Gordon Road to the junction that takes a right turn towards St Neots via bypassing Priory Park up to the railway station a right and left turn at the mini round abouts onto Cromwell Road to the end (1 mile in length) to the roundabout on to Pocket Park.

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